Venom Movie to be The Start of New R-Rated Shared Marvel Universe

Earlier this month it was reported that Sony has a Venom solo film coming out (check out my article on it here). Now word is circulating that this could be the start of something bigger for the awkward (but welcomed) partnership of Sony and Marvel Studios.

According to Collider, the Venom film is being intentionally developed as an R-rated film that will launch a shared universe separate from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What this means is that Venom will be separate from the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming universe. So that means Spider-Man will not get to face one of his most famous enemies (which is an insane decision!), but apparently, Venom will be in the same universe as the recently announced  Black Cat and Silver Sable film (check out our very own AJ Sahagun‘s article on it here).

Venom has also been categorised as a Horror- Science Fiction film which is more good news for the film.

It is really odd if all the rumours are actually true. While I can understand that it’s hard to portray Venom an R-Rated character by design in a PG-13 film, not using him in the current Spider-Man universe is a missed opportunity for some amazing stories. Like I said earlier the whole Sony and Marvel cooperation on films is awkward. For those who don’t know in the mid 90’s Marvel sold it’s movie rights to various superhero properties to Sony and Fox to avoid multiple bankruptcies.

Despite Sony bombing on box office performance and just poor handling of the franchise, they aren’t about to sell the rights back to Marvel (now owned by Disney circa 2009) cause there’s probably no amount of money they would be happy with. We will see how Spider-Man: Homecoming and Venom turn out.

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