Updates for ‘Titans’. Robin or Nightwing?

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Hey there Teen Titans fans, Sunny here and we’ve got some updates regarding DC‘s upcoming live-action television series ‘Titans’. While Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy have been confirmed for the show, Dick Grayson was also named to be the leader of the group. With no specifications on whether we’d be seeing Robin or Nightwing, fans were left wondering which character will be leading the young group of heroes.

Now we’ve been confirmed Nightwing is going to be the hero to lead the Titans in the live-action series. This would be fitting for the show, considering the fact that Sarah Schechter is working on the show, Titans shouldn’t be too far off from her other programs such as Arrow, Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow.¬†Robin’s overall look just won’t fly in a live-action show.

Fans have been clamoring about a Robin/Nightwing live action execution since The Dark Knight Rises’ Batman film. After a foreshadow of ‘John Blake‘ aka Christopher Nolans version of Robin, people were hoping for a Nightwing/Robin appearance to be played by actor, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Honestly, Joseph can pull off both roles on a live-action show, though I highly doubt he’ll be playing the part of the Titans series. Nightwing was the original Robin aka Dick Grayson who also stepped in to be Batman while Bruce Wayne traveled through time, with the help of Damian Wayne as Robin at the time. Nightwing is sure to be a hit as the leader of the Titans, bringing a more serious tone to the series.

Dick Grayson as Robin, Nightwing, and Batman

With this information, we have a couple of DC Heroes that come into question. As mentioned above, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy with their leader Nightwing have been confirmed with no mention of Cyborg, Kid Flash or Wonder Girl. Longtime DC fans know that Donna Troy (Wonder Girl) was a founding member of the Titans and even casual fans know of Cyborg’s involvement with the Titans. As for Kid Flash, this would be a great opportunity to link the DC Multiverses with the Flash series, even though there hasn’t been any mention on if this show will be connected to the Arrow/Flash/Legends of Tomorrow universe. IF the series is indeed connected to the multiverse, then we’d have to assume that we’ll be treated to an appearance from the actor, Manu Bennett, who played Slade Wilson aka ‘Deathstroke in Arrow as this is the main villain in Teen Titans.

With the confirmation of Nightwing and Raven, two major characters in DC are bound to make an appearance or at least be mentioned.

First, the obvious, most famous resident of Gotham City, billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne aka Batman. It’s going to be a difficult task for Akiva Goldsman (writer for Titans and Batman & Robin) and Sarah Schechter to completely ignore the fact that Dick Grayson is arguably Bruce Wayne’s best disciple. Batman has to be mentioned at some time in the series, even if they don’t plan on some sort of cameo.

Batman & Nightwing

The other big name character from DC is Raven’s father, the all-mighty powerful demon of the underworld, Trigon. Now that’s gotta be a sight to be seen for a live-action show. However they execute this, it absolutely should be done just because Raven’s story with her father is pivotal to her character development. It’s this story that helps fans understand Raven’s dark demeanor and exactly why a child of the underworld is fighting on the side of justice.

Titans vs. Trigon

A lot is still to be answered about the live-action series, though with things taking shape, I’m nothing more than excited and giddy like a little school girl. Hopefully, we receive word on all the characters aforementioned, but until then, let us know which Titan you’re most excited to see in the comment section below, Subscribe to Pop Culture Pipe Bomb for updates and all the latest news and don’t forget to give the article a share!

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