UPDATE: Final Logan Trailer Expected on Thursday!

Hey, Marvel and Logan fans! This is just a quick update on the January 14th post!

Hey, Marvel and Logan fans! This is just a quick update!

Back on the 14th of January, we dropped the news about the Final Logan Trailer Coming Soon!

The last post included the latest trailer and the story of how a few weeks ago, 20th Century Fox quietly launched a cool little viral site called www.1974framesoflogan.com where fans could sign up to receive an actual postcard of a single frame from the upcoming feature.

In all, only 1974 cards would be sent out (hence the site’s name). The recipients of the postcards/frames were asked to post their frames online. Once all 1974 were posted, the studio would then release the final trailer.

To kick things off, Logan director James Mangold immediately posted his, which was the first of the 1974 frames to be given out. 

As a sign of a (sentimental) goodbye, Hugh Jackman posted his frame just after Mangold. Jackman’s was the last of the 1974 frames with a message for fans.

Jackman and Keen Last Frame Logan

Frame 1974 of 1974 LOGAN #OneLastTime #Postcard @WolverineMovie @20thcenturyfox pic.twitter.com/AU6sKKQYi4
— Hugh Jackman (@RealHughJackman) January 12, 2017


According to the site Trailer Track, a Facebook post was spotted that hinted at the final trailer’s debut for January 19th.

Initial rumors were the trailer would be a short 90 seconds (the time it takes for 1974 frames to play) before the German FSK confirmed the trailer is actually 2 minutes 21 seconds long.

Trailer Track also speculates the trailer will air on FOX at 6 AM PT/9 AM ET/2 PM UK although the official air time has not been confirmed yet.

Logan Post in Taiwanese

Recap of Other Details

The official synopsis of the heavily anticipated movie was released just last week.

“The premise of Logan takes us to a future many years after the events of X-Men: Days of Futures Past where Logan, Xavier, and other Mutants must protect a young girl named Laura who has capabilities very similar to Wolverine’s. The girl is being hunted by an evil organization led by Nathanial Essex. With Logan’s healing ability beginning to fail and Xavier’s Alzheimer’s, Logan ends up turning to the little girl for help.”

Logan will be the last time Jackman plays the character that launched his career and the X-Men franchise way back in 1999. Mangold and Jackman have encouraged fans to add the hashtag #OneLastTime which has a double meaning; Jackman’s last appearance as the titular character and Logan’s last attempt at being the hero.

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