Upcoming X-Men Movie Schedule, Gambit, Deadpool 2 and More!

20th Century Fox is looking to make a major splash in the next coming years with the X-Men franchise. While we have already covered the confirmed production of New Mutants and Deadpool 2 we now have further information on  Gambit, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, and X-Force as well. I think it’s safe to say the Fox made a great comeback with the Marvel franchise after the very disappointing Fantastic 4 film with the great box office hits ‘Logan and Deadpool. We’ll be providing possible release dates for the film as well as directors, casting and more. So enjoy fellow X-Men fans!


The New Mutants

This young group of mutants from Xavier‘s School for Gifted Youngsters is set to hit the big screen on April 13, 2018. We’ll be seeing Warlock, Wolfsbane, Moonstar, Magik, Cannonball, and Sunspot showcase their mutant powers while dealing with the discrimination of mutants. Directed by Josh Boone, it’s sure to be a refreshing film with new mutants. Check out a deeper look into the New Mutants HERE! 


Deadpool 2

What’s there to say!? The trolling, fourth wall breaking, ass-kicking mercenary is making his return, with Josh Brolin playing Cable. That’s a classic combo, dating back to the old Cable & Deadpool comic series. You can check out our look at Josh Brolin as Cable HEREIt should be interesting seeing the dynamic between Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin working side by side. We’ll be treated to everyone’s favorite Merc with a Mouth June 1, 2018.


X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Alright, I think it’s safe to say that the Jean Grey/Phoenix arc was an iconic and memorable storyline in X-Men history. Seeing the loyal, loving, and positive Jean Grey turn into the dark, relentless, and savage Phoenix was a turn that no one was expecting at the time. Though very little information is out about the film, it appears that Fox is going to right the wrong they did with the past X-Men films by revamping the storylines with a bit of accuracy to the comic series. We’ll be the judge of that on November 2nd, 2018.



It feels like it’s been a long time coming for this movie. For a couple of years now it’s been rumored that Channing Tatum will be taking the lead role as the french thief, Gambit. The movie has been pushed back many times, with speculation that the script hasn’t been completed yet. It looks like this film is going to be pushed back even further now that director Doug Liman has stepped down and will not be directing the film. It’ll be interesting to see who’s going to fill the part and get the ball rolling. With Hugh Jackman confirming that his last performance as Wolverine was the recent ‘Logan’ film, 20th Century Fox is looking to bring another popular male lead to play another well-known X-Men character.


With Josh Brolin confirmed as Cable, another X-Force member has been confirmed. Zazie Beetz will be playing the role of the sharp shooter, Domino. This movie is looking to follow the same mood and feel of the Deadpool franchise. With heavy speculation of a Deadpool cameo, the movie is definitely going to be rated R. There isn’t much information following this film though we can confirm that Rob Liefeld will not be reuniting with co X-Force creator Jeff Wadlow. Still, no confirmation on which members of the X-Force will be included as there are many teams and members in the Marvel universe that have been part of the X-Force squad.

Not Familiar with X-Force? Check out this video below!

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