Twilight Zone Marathon: A History Of A Holiday Tradition


If there is one thing I can count on every year, is seeing my sister post that she will be drinking and watching the Twilight Zone marathon on Facebook. This she lives for. She, like me, doesn’t care much for going out and partying, just finds joy in the smaller things to do on New Years Eve.

This honored tradition has been a thing for a while now, once airing on other stations, the Twilight Zone now shows on Sci-Fi where you can watch all 159 episodes, (Holy hell that’s a lot,) from “good ones” to “bad ones.” Originally started in 1980 on a Thanksgiving special called “The Great Twilight Zone Revival: Why Rod Serlings TV Classic Lives on” but this was only 8 hours long. They then did it again on the 4th of July in 1983 and became a southern California tradition. Yet back in the 70’s it seems that Channel 11 was the first to run the twilight Zone marathon and even first to run it on New Years Eve in New York. (Some quick history there for ya)

The tradition is one coveted by many, from listening to the bad episodes while they get some more work done, checking in on the good ones in between baking or washing up, or just sitting and talking with friends about the reasons they love or hated that last episode. Whatever is done with these series, the best part is that its something that makes people happy, and I am all for that. ^_^

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