Turn Radishes into Super Mario Mushrooms with this Neat Tool

Transforming your food to look like something else has always been a popular trick to present when hosting parties, and if you are hosting a Super Mario themed get together then this radish-shaping tool is perfect for the job.

Below is a video on how you can use a tool called the Ravanello, which looks like a radish you pull out of the ground in the Super Mario Bros 2 for Nintendo, and use it to shape those boring radishes into adorable little mushrooms. Now granted if you eat them you wont grow taller and more muscular, but they will definitely be the talk of your next Mario Party.

Enjoy this video done by Monkey Bus, they walk you through how to use the Ravanello and if you do end up making these, send me a pic, I would love to see them. ^_^


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