Trailer for Netflix Original ‘Girlboss’ Premieres

Netflix has debuted its trailer for one of its new original series, Girlboss.

Loosely based on true events behind the clothing brand Nasty Gal and the bestselling book of the same name, Girlboss will see Sophia Amoruso, played by Britt Robertson (Under the DomeThe Longest RideTomorrowland) as she goes from a clothes seller on eBay to the owner of her own clothing business.

Sophia Amoruso flipping clothes from thrift stores

The trailer gives us a brief glimpse into what we can expect from the series – an incredibly smart and talented young woman with a flair for sarcasm and straight talking who uses it to “flip clothes” – meaning that she buys rare, vintage, designer and good condition clothing from thrift and charity stores at extremely cheap, then puts them up on eBay for bid, where they sell at almost sixty times the original price from fashion lovers in the bidding wars.

Britt Robertson as Sophia Amoruso

However, once it’s discovered exactly what Sophia is doing, she loses the eBay communities trust, and her means of survival is stripped from her.

Determined not to be defeated, Sophia begins her own fashion business, and through a series of comedic, difficult and middle-finger raising events, she learns what it means to be your own boss.

Sophia Amoruso is her own boss

With creator and showrunner Kay Cannon, whose credits include Pitch Perfect, New Girl and 30 Rock, at the helm of this well-dressed, sarcastic ship, viewers are in for an absolutely wild, salty and over-the-top ride.

Girlboss Title Card

Girlboss premieres on Netflix on April 21st 2017.

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