TNA News: Josh Barnett Makes Impact Debut

Welcome my fellow pro wrestling fanatics. I’m Danny Finn of THE PopCulturePipeBomb here to give some TNA news here at the Pro Wrestling Beat… cause the beat goes on and on DIG IT !!!

Yes the topic is correct, former UFC Heavyweight Champion Josh Barnett debuted on Impact Wrestling. Barnett, having a lot of free time due to a recent USADA suspension for a positive drug test.

Barnett known for being a wrestling fan spends a lot of time in Japan doing commentary and matches. “The War Machine” made is state side debut at an Impact taping this past Thursday. Now I know we’ve seen this before, on the other hand what made this special was it was against Bobby Lashley.

For the first time an active UFC fighter went against an active Bellator fighter in a TNA ring for the TNA Title. Barnett also had a match against TNA’s Bad Bones. Both matches are scheduled to be aired sometime in the month of February.

Now a match of that maganatude should of been publicized to its highest point. I’m sure pruduction will make some noise about it when the taping is ready to air. I’m not sure of Barnett’s other commitments, but this was Impacts chance under the new management to make an impact (pun intended ). With a new budget and a big star, it was a perfect chance tof push for a One Night Only event.

This was the chance to show the wrestling world that Impact is making a statement as a new and improved brand ready to step up be a legitimate wrestling promotion. WWE isn’t going anywhere and will reamin number one for like…FOREVER. This is Impact chance to make a claim as the solid number two. Not just for fans but for future talent. 

Every since Kenny Omega and Okada performance at WrestleKingdom 11, also NJPW shows coming stateside we can see NJPW try to make a claim here in the US. I digressed, it was up to TNA to make this huge, now with the help of the media (smiley face) that cat is already it of the bag. Hopefully this will still get a good buzz around TNA and build for the future. More competition means more compelling wrestling from all the top wrestling

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