This New Steven Universe Trailer Shows what Amazingness Comes Next!

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Steven Universe is a show that constantly starts and stops for whatever reason. But when it comes back, it is always great. This show thrives on the power of suspense before unleashing a Steven Bomb on its fans or even just an episode a week for a month or two.

Seeing this new trailer I was surprised by how much they fit into such a short trailer as it is only 59 seconds long. It showed clearly important things were going on and even revealed humans were vanishing and showed off two new gems. It is clear that with the season 4 finale coming soon with a Steven Bomb, something big is going to happen.

With Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond out to destroy Earth and collect the Humans, it is clear they have something to do with the problems facing Earth. Who could these two gems be? Certainly they are from Homeworld, but will they really end up being villains in the end?

Plus, you have to wonder why they are asking “Are You My Dad?”. They seem to be going around everywhere and even address Onion of all characters. These characters are looking for someone and they definitely won’t stop until they find him. Is it Greg?

Steven Universe returns on May 8th and I cannot wait to see what happens next. Who else is excited for Steven’s return? With a new Steven Bomb we will certainly see great things. On May 8th We’ll get Lion 4: Alternate Ending, on May 9th, Doug Out, May 10th, The Good Lars, on the 11th we will see Are You My Dad? and finally on May 12th we will see Are You My Mom? These episode titles already give everyone something to talk about and that is one of the greatest things about Steven Universe.

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