This Just In: Every Original Movie and TV Series Hitting Netflix in 2017

Well, it looks like the reason I’ll remain single in 2017 is… because Netflix.

Thrillist has just compiled a list of each and every ORIGINAL movie, series, comedy special, and live concert we can expect to see this year from the increasingly popular streaming site and app.

Netflix is not EVIL!

A quick search with the keyword “Netflix” will bring up some more negative rumors going around. Mainly, that Netflix plans to increase its membership prices. Personally, I think this is an inevitable result of the world we live in so folks shouldn’t spend so much time focusing on that. Besides, having a Netflix account is strictly voluntary. If you don’t like the price, you simply cancel your membership!

They’re only getting better!

I’m going to go all business-sy on you for a sec. Maybe Netflix will increase their membership rates. If they do, there’s a really good reason why.

2016 saw Netflix membership explode. Their earnings rose due to the increase in membership. More earnings=more profits=more money to spend on making more shows. To make more and better shows, of course, they’ll need more money. So it could be interpreted as a good thing that rates may increase slightly.

If you haven’t dozed, I’m trying to tell you that Netflix plans on getting better and better. They’ll put more money into more independent shows and programming. Hopefully, this will give Hollywood and the big networks a run for their money. Already there are rumors that CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX are considering leaving the traditional format of one episode a week in favor of the Netflix model of allowing the whole season to be streamed immediately.

I’m praying the big boys will get rid of commercials.

Also, with the increase in membership around the world, Netflix will be looking to add to its catalog of international programming. Already, they’ve started increasing visibility of popular TV series from other countries, most notably the comedy hit, Cuckoo from the U.K. and the sci-fi thriller 3% from Portugal.

Get ready to learn a new language!

Notable Releases for 2017.

Make sure you check out the full article.

Here are a few that stood out to me, whether for personal interest or because I think y’all will be interested. Enjoy!

Take the 10

Here’s what Netflix has to say about this buddy comedy, which follows two friends (Tony Revolori and bad boy convert Josh Peck) who hit the road after stealing concert tickets: “Everything goes according to plan and they have a totally normal time that definitely doesn’t involve drugs, sex, and Andy Samberg.”


Remember Alex Proyas‘ take on The Crow? This revenge flick is kind of like that — just with more tech and Maisie Williams.

Chef’s Table (Season 3)

Cause we’re all foodies deep down inside. This helping of the delicious docu-series features New York’s Ivan Orkin, L.A.’s Nancy Silverton, and four other chefs from Germany, Peru, Russia, and South Korea.

Samurai Gourmet (Season 1)

Also because I’m a foodie. And because samurais, ninjas, and anything else to do with Japanese fighting IS AWESOME! I’m not even sure this has anything to do with food, but I’m looking forward to it anyway.

I’m not even sure this has anything to do with food, but I’m looking forward to it anyway.

Iron Fist (Season 1)

Danny Rand (Finn Jones, aka Loras from Game of Thrones) wants you to know 2017 won’t be without appetizing Marvel fare.

Let me know which ones you’re looking forward to!

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