The Time For Heroes Has Come! – New Doctor Who Teaser Trailer Revealed

The BBC revealed a new teaser trailer for the upcoming series of Doctor Who yesterday, with the tagline ‘A Time For Heroes’. You can check it out below:

The teaser doesn’t tell us a great deal, containing no new footage from Series 10 and lasting a mere thirty seconds. What can be gathered from the trailer however is that the DaleksCybermenIce Warriors and Pyroviles all appear to be returning alongside new monster the Emojibots.

A few of the monsters in the Series 10 trailer

One tweeter even reckons he spotted Paul McGann among the wall of monsters:

There may also be hints at the episode titles for Series 10 in the book spines:

Do the book spines in the trailer reveal some of the episode titles for Series 10?

Could it be possible that episode one is called The Pilot, episode two Smile, episode three Thin Ice, episode four  Knock and episode five Oxygen?

Well, according to Girly Letters on Twitter it seems that may be the case with episode five:

Then there’s this mysterious monster that appears at the end, which another tweeter speculates may be a female Ice Warrior:

Mark Gatiss has stated previously that there will be a new type of Ice Warrior featured in his latest episode, so could this be what he meant?

It would certainly be interesting to see how different a female Ice Warrior is to a male one. Are they more ferocious? We know the Ice Warriors live in hives, so do they have an Ice Queen as well as an Ice Lord? And could an Ice Woman or an Ice Lord possibly see the end of Bill?

Pearl Mackie‘s lines as Bill appear more than a little ominous in the trailer, hinting at a deadly fate for the new companion in the upcoming series. In the trailer she says ‘I wouldn’t miss it for the world, even if it kills me‘, which to me seems like foreshadowing for the end of Bill’s time in the TARDIS.

Last time Doctor Who saw a change in showrunner, there was a new Doctor and companion – and with Peter Capaldi already confirmed to be leaving in the Christmas Special, could it be that Chris Chibnall wants to emulate the success of the transition between the Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat era?

If so, that would mean the end for Matt Lucas’ Nardole too – and whilst some fans are still unhappy at the idea of him as companion, I liked him in The Return of Doctor Mysterio, so it would be a shame to see him leave so soon.

Doctor Who returns Saturday 15th April to BBC One.

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