The Perfect 10 Podcast’s chat with Lucha Underground’s Famous B

We all love Lucha Underground here at the Pipe Bomb. We reached out to one of the biggest star’s of the show and we got a one on one chat. Famous B was one of the most humble and nicest person I have ever spoken to and you get to see it live and in full. Do not miss the second half of season 3 of Lucha Underground on the 31st of May on the El Rey Network.



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  1. AJ Sahagun
    April 29, 04:38 AJ Sahagun

    SICK!! Awesome to hear his story and what he plans to do with the indy scene.

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  2. Darren
    April 29, 11:39 Darren

    Yeah he was really cool we actually talked alot longer off camera then we did on the show super awesome guy

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