The Originals: Will the Series Survive With the Vampire Diaries Soon To End?

With The Vampire Diaries Season 8 speeding quickly towards its final episode, which is slated to air in March of 2017, there is but one foreboding question that looms on the minds of many: will its spinoff series The Originals live on without its predecessor? To determine its likelihood we, as fans, need look no further than CW executive Mark Pedowitz’s remarks and the formula that makes this series capable of standing on its own.

In a recent interview, as reported by Deadline & TV Guide, Mark Pedowitz painted a simple but clear picture as to the fate of The Originals. “I’m hoping that The Originals can continue,” he said, “a lot of it will depend on performance.” Of course it comes as little surprise to anyone that ratings are still of great import but with Pedowitz’s addition of how he is “counting on,” Julie Plec, the showrunner of The Originals, and author of the spinoffs book series, “to deliver for this season,” such words can only be viewed as a positive sign.

Marcel & Klaus S1Ep9 Reigning Pain In New Orleans Screencap

Still let us take a closer look at 3 reasons why The Originals, minus 6 crossover episodes out of 66 episodes total, already stands on its own. Be warned spoilers may lurk below.

1.) Adult Themes: Aside from avoiding the High School trope altogether, The Originals manages to solidify itself on a bed of darker content. Violence, sex, betrayal, abuse, and political intrigue are but some of the ideas the story revolves around. To see a prime example of a few of the aforementioned we need look no further than the relationship between Aurora de Martel and Klaus Mikaelson. Their still burning embers are caustic, manipulative and spurred on further by Elijah’s betrayal of Klaus’s trust when he discerns that his brother compelled Aurora to centuries ago, loathe him so.

The Originals S3Ep5The Axeman's Letter

2.) Characters Do In Fact Die: No offense but we are definitely looking at you Bonnie, Damon, and Stefan. Of the leading & supporting cast in The Originals, a number of characters do actually die and remain dead without being saved or resurrected multiple times from death’s embrace. During seasons 2 and 3 we were forced to part ways with a number of plotline driving characters: Esther & Mikael, Davina Claire, Cami O’Connell, Jackson Kenner, and Finn Mikaelson. (Among a handful of others.) Out of this list, only three were technically resurrected once in The Originals and each remained dead upon their second brush with the grim reaper.

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3.)Antiheroes Not Just Villains: Arguably Klaus Mikaelson has always been a villain, but if we look at the evolution of his character and focus on the storyline, he plays more of an Antihero role. Capable of doing the ‘occasionally’ right thing, albeit, at the wrong times, Klaus is still in many ways out to serve his own purpose which puts him in a more antihero vein given his general lack of a moral code. While at one point in time Damon Salvatore, of The Vampire Diaries, seemed of a similar nature especially in season 1, his character is now bound by more of a moral code thanks to Elena and that seems unlikely to change anytime soon. (Save for when spells abound, even if his dearly beloved is in a coffin.) This antihero nature, however, makes The Originals more relatable as our actual world is chock full of people who tend to lean towards more heroic tendencies (thus being bound by a moral code) or anti-hero tendencies (more self-serving, but not incapable of doing the right thing at times.)

The Originals S3Ep20 Where Nothing Stay Buried

So what do you think? Are there better reasons why The Originals is capable of standing on its own? Or, even with their differences is the series still reliant on its predecessor? Either way, let us know in the comments below, and thanks for reading.

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