The Official Trailer for IT is Released

“Do you have Prince Henry in a can? You Do?! Well, you better let him out! Aha Aha Aha!” –Pennywise, played by Tim Curry.

The official trailer for the movie IT is here and, oh man, this one looks super creepy. I mean the original Steven Kings ‘IT’ was pretty freaking spooky already, but man, with the new technology they have today, my goodness, I am not sure I will not be able to see this one in the theaters. Maybe I will wait for DVD so I can sleep at night lol.

This preview opens up with the older brother making the paper boat for his little brother Georgie, and then we see little Georgie place the boat in the water puddle and follow it down the stream. Yup, along the stream to the opening and into the sewer..and to.. IT! This scene made me jump pretty good, even though I know what was supposed to happen, the timing for the jump scare was spot on and still got me.

The makeup for the clown is fantastic and just gives you the chills. Now I don’t have a problem with clowns personally but man, they did a hell of a job making this guy look scary and far from a Ronald McDonald effect. I like how they kind of kept to the original Pennywise look from Tim Curry but gave this IT a few special changes to make him his own character. Plus Bill Skarsgard is perfect for the Pennywise role and I am sure will make this IT even more creepy than the original, though it will be tough to hold up one so amazing as Tim Curry.

This movie comes out September 8th, 2017, with Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise, Jaeden Lieberher as Bill Denbrough, Jack Dynal Grazer as Eddie Kaspbrak, Wyatt Oleff as Stanley Uris, Sophia Lillis as Beverly Marsh and Chosen Jacobs as Mike Hanlon. How many of you are excited and are brave enough to see this one in the theaters? ^_^


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