We Review The Latest Episode of The Odd Couple SN03 EP07 – ‘The Odd Couples’


It is time for grievances to be aired on this week’s episode of The Odd Couple. The cast of characters have a lot of issues to deal with, though it does all come down to it being Oscar and Felix’s fault.

After a fight with his wife Oscar’s manager Teddy comes to see him and spend the night. Oscar decides a night of heavy drinking is in order, which leads to Felix being rather upset. Felix is soon told that Oscar feels he really was never chosen to be his roommate. Felix heads out and goes to stay with his ex and her new roommate who happens to be Oscar’s assistant.

Of course Felix makes things tense for this new roommate pair when he inserts himself into their squabble. Dani goes to stay at Oscar’s until she finds a new place and ends up becoming an issue for Teddy when his wife comes to take him home. Emily comes up upset with Dani as Felix returns and the problems all explode.

The episode returns to the beginning as they were explaining how they got there. The therapist is certainly allowed to be troubled by this. She tells them all that clearly this all comes down to Oscar and Felix causing the problems. The rest of the group head out happy to leave because they know they can do right.

Felix and Oscar realize with the help of the therapist that they might be terrible seperately but by being together they cancel the other out. Really is quite a good lesson, because while two lefts don’t make a right at least there is some semblance of unity. Oscar and Felix do ultimately mean well even though they always end up doing the wrong thing. I think that these two will always have the best intentions and will keep doing wrong, if only for the sake of humor. A pretty good episode indeed, that really showed the nature of the characters. It is always good when a show can bring in a bunch of characters and highlight how problems can arise by a simple action.

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