We Review the Latest Episode of The Odd Couple SN03 EP08 – ‘Felix Navidad’

Felix is once again in a tizzy in this Christmas episode as his mother is visiting. Felix’s mother helped shape him into the anal mess he is and this is a big reason for him to freak.

She is finally letting him host Christmas for her and he even makes the special cake she always makes. Oscar really wants none of it as his mother hates him.

Amidst all this Langford’s, the bar the characters go to is hosting a Christmas bash which Oscar wants to go to. Though of course he can’t as he needs to be there for his best friend. Soon enough everything unravels when Oscar finds a receipt for Felix’s mother cake she brought.

Looks like his mother isn’t as perfect as Felix thinks. Oscar sneaks him the receipt and everything soon comes out. Felix and his mother do work things out and they head to the party as all of their guests have gone there too.

In the end it looks like Christmas for Felix and his mother will be less stressful. Good thing Oscar decided to help because she definitely would have hid all of her lies until she died.

It is good to see character’s parents and to see how they got to where they are. It is always interesting finding out which celebrity will be playing them as usually they are pretty talented. Good to see a heartwarming Christmas special and for to see Felix finally realize he doesn’t have to be so perfect.

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