We Review The Latest Episode of The Odd Couple SN03 EP06 – ‘Eisen Troubles’


In this episode of the Odd Couple both of our characters have to face things they both can’t handle. Felix is troubled by the ending of his relationship and Oscar is told he has to give a glowing speech in honor of his rival. Felix ever the man with the plan thinks he has to go through the five stages of grief but gets in way over his head. As he blasts through each stage his psyche begins to crack. This is highly unusual for Felix is always so level headed.

Oscar is upset that his rival may actually be a better person than he is, plus who wants to give a great speech for someone they despise. As he is working on his glowing speech his assistant tells him that his rival Rich Eisen wants to be roasted by him. So he is excited to slam this man, even if he will get slammed back.Though at the event it is revealed that Eisen is going to only say good things about Oscar.

This event is where everything comes together. Felix loses it after “successfully” going through all five stages. Oscar at first wins against his rival but soon backs off to help his best friend. In the end though everything works out as Felix gets through the pain with the help of his best friend and Oscar accepts the loss. This show really does just come down to two very different best friends getting through all that life throws at them. I really enjoyed this episode and watching both of these characters act a touch differently made it a good one. Here’s hoping Felix gets back together with his girlfriend and that Oscar does finally outshine his rival in the future.


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