The Flash/Supergirl: Two More Clips and 6 Glamorous New Cast Portraits From Musical Crossover

I love it when the CW does crossovers with the superhero shows. My favorite so far is when they crossed over LoT, Supergirl, and the Flash. Especially the part when Supergirl talks to Brandon Routh’s character and he turns and says something about her being his cousin….EEEEEEK! Nerd girl scream.

So tomorrow night there will be a musical crossover with Supergirl and the Flash, oh my glob, this should be so fun to watch. It is just fantastic when they decide to make these shows musically stimulating to the audience. Now I know this is not everyone’s cup of tea, but regardless, it takes some pretty creative brains to come up with this stuff and you gotta give them credit for it.

What we have for you, my friends, are the sneak peak musical clips from the show. These are so cute! The first one is with Barry and Kara, and she starts it by singing “Blue River,” which happens to be one of my favorite song’s, so yes this made me (yet again) fan girl squeal. Oh, and let’s not forget that she rocked this song, her voice was magnanimous. Oh and then the other clip with Barry singing to Kara, and it’s a friendship song.. EEEEK! Jeez, I am kind of losing it here guys, sorry. And, we have 6 wonderful images of the cast in a 50s-60s glam just right for this episode.

A couple of the cast members from Legends of Tomorrow will be a part of this episode, one being, of course, John Barrowman, along with Mon-El and Martin Manhunter who kick butt alongside Supergirl. Please enjoy these clips and images like I obviously did and don’t forget to watch tonight’s episode! ^_^


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