Teen Titans TV Show Casts it’s Raven

DC set to add the Teen Titans to its TV universe.

There have been rumours of a Teen Titans television show for a few years now. It was first said to be airing on TNT, but nothing happened with it. Now it’s scheduled to premiere in 2018 on DC’s new streaming video service.

The Teen Titans are a group made up of teenage superheroes lead by Robin. The team usually consists of Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg. There have been other members at various points, but those five are featured in most comic and TV iterations.

The Teen Titans debuted in The Brave and the Bold issue 54 in 1964 before getting their own series. While they have appeared in animation, they have yet to be featured in live action.

Some of the people behind shows include DC chief creative officer Geoff Johns and Arrow, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow co creator Greg Berlanti. Most recently we’ve had our first piece of casting news.

According to deadline 13-year-old Australian Actress, Teagan Croft has been cast as Raven.


Croft is relatively unknown outside her native Australia having featured in popular soap Home and Away. Titans will be her first role in the US.

Raven is a key member of the Titans and is the daughter of the demon Trigon. She is very powerful with her abilities including teleportation, flight and telekinesis. She has found it difficult over the years to control her powers and not turn to the dark side alongside her father.

The show is also set to feature other key members including Starfire and the team’s leader Dick Grayson better known as the Robin. It is unclear if it will be in the same universe as the other DC TV shows and if so if there will be any crossover. With Berlanti involved, it seems more likely.

At this stage, Croft is the only person we know has been cast. We expect there will be more casting news in the next couple of months.

Back when the show was on TNT, it was rumoured that Vampire Diaries star Steven McQueen would play Nightwing. With this recent casting, it looks like DC is looking to cast younger actors. Also DC could be going with Robin rather than Nightwing because of the planned Nightwing movie.

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