Tattoo Assassins: Strangest Mortal Kombat Knock-Off Ever

I don’t know if I am the only person who loves knock off’s when it comes to games, but I am definitely guilty of enjoying them too much. One of my favorite knock-off games was the one they did from NES Double Dragon; I believe it was called like Hookers and Pimps?? Or something like that, I just remember that you were the Double Dragon dudes but you were NAKED!! And so was everyone you fought, LOL!


So there is this other knock off called Tattoo Assassins that was created a while ago, like back in the 90’s and it mimicked the fighting styles of Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, but with a twist, the characters had some interesting fighting/final moves. Like blowing green toxic gas from your bum… Ya, and it removes your opponents clothes…. UM…OK…..

So as I mentioned above, this game was created in 1994 by Data East Pinball and was released in arcades as a prototype. The game was never released for game systems though so you could only enjoy this wonderful knock off with a fist full of quarters. Each fighter in the game had a special back story as in true Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter lineage, and may even look like a few of the MK Characters. There is a dude called Billy Two Moons who may resemble Nightwolf from MK3 and a lady named Karla Keller who is an ice skater and a spoof of Nancy Kerrigan… She is the one who shoots green gas from her bum…. This article is a little hard to write when you keep laughing at the characters and the idea of this game.

So here is a video below of the Tattoo Assassins game… The style and story if fantastically silly to say the least, but I have to admit, I really want to play this game now. Tell me what you think, I mean really, how could anyone not want to check this knock off game out? Just look at it and tell me, it doesn’t intrigue you. ^_^



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