System Corporation Announce the Release of Their Debut Single ‘Dismal Universal Hiss’

System Corporation announces their debut single ‘Dismal Universal Hiss ‘ due to drop on 28th April 2017, it is taking from their debut album Fiction Dept, which is slated for release late this year.

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Photo Credit: Mark Hamilton

New Zealand’s System Corporation is a newly formed five-piece rock outfit who initially formed in Sweden while on tour with The Datsuns. System Corporation came about in 2011 after a conversation between Phil Somervell (The Datsuns) and there long standing engineer Scott Newth about swapping demos. They became a trio when they enlisted fellow Datsun’s bandmate Ben Cole (also from The Joint Chiefs) on drums, and then evolved into a five-piece when Scott started working on his own demos for the project, finally enlisting his brothers and bandmates Andrew and Kent Newth (Rumpus Room).

With most of the band’s production work happening in Hamilton, they hail from Thames (PhilBass, Guitar, Keys), Hamilton (AndrewGuitar, ScottVocals, KentGuitar) and Wellington (BenDrums). The Band’s name is a vague translation of Systembolaget, a government-owned and operated liquor store chain is Sweden. What is more interesting than the fact that both the project and its name were born in Sweden is that, through Systembolaget, the government can effectively control alcohol sales and identify problem areas in order to divert profits back into social services. System Corporation is an ironically corporate name for an organisation promoting such a socialist ethos.

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Photo Credit: Mark Hamilton

The band’s debut single ‘Dismal Universal Hiss ‘ could easily have been written about the rise of Trump or Brexit but, it wasn’t. It was written at the time of the Occupy Wall Street movement and the rise of the so-called 99%, mass protests, and rallying against a broken system that creates ill-gotten wealth and sucks it into a vacuum unattainable by the small masses.

The song is about the futility of the situation we are in. That even when you vote for change, when you vote in a non-politician like Trump or John Key in NZ, you end up getting more of the same, or in these cases, things get a lot worse for the poorer end of society,” explains Scott Newth. “ It also has hints of hope that, one day, real change might happen, while touching on the futility of protest movements like Occupy Wall St, that in the end, changed very little.”

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Dismal Universal Hiss ‘ will be available across all online platforms from the 28th April 2017, but can already be ordered through the band’s Bandcamp. It’s got a  brilliant sound and beat, and I think you guys will love it too. Looking forward to the release of their debut album Fiction Dept! All the links can be found at the bottom of the page.

Check out the official audio for ‘Dismal Universal Hiss ‘ Below


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