Superman’s Blue Leotard is Going Up For Auction

I am so in this auction!!! Take my money now; I need to be the owner of this, done. Not even joking right now. OK so maybe I wont be able to be part of this auction since the blue suits starting bid is $40,000, which isn’t exactly in my bank account at this moment, but hey I can dream about it.


The Super suit going up for auction is the original blue leotards Christopher Reeves wore in the 1978 Superman: The Movie. Can I just point out that this was the movie that turned me on to Superman and Christopher Reeves was my first crush, so ya, I want this so bad. The auction is being run by Nate D. Sanders who specializes in the leftovers of Hollywood, with showcasing the top of the blue suit that was used in the flight scenes, but doesn’t say if the red cape is part of the sale too. The auction ends on January 26th.


I hope whoever wins this bid understand the priceless piece of superhero history they have in their possession. My favorite scene from any of the Superman movies was him flying at the end; he looks left, then right, then at the screen and smiles. ^_^


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