Unleash Girl Power with Caulifla, Dragon Ball’s First Female Super Saiyan!

You must be thinking. What is this, 1997? If you know what I’m talking about, yes, you’re old. It has been 3 decades ever since Akira Toriyama introduced us to his sprawling universe of martial arts, ki blasts, and super powered tournaments. Not once was there a female Saiyan ever introduced into the show. But on Dragon Ball Super‘s 92nd episode, it finally tore down the barrier and made history. Behold Caulifla! The first female Super Saiyan!


Who’s Saiyan “No Girls Allowed”?

Dragon Ball Super first introduced Caulifla in Episode 89 of the show’s Universal Survival Saga. A short scene in Episode 92 showed her transforming into Super Saiyan she concentrated her energy on a spot behind her shoulder blades. Aside from Goten, Caulifla attained the fastest Saiyan transformation in the series. She is also the first Saiyan to transform consciously, unlike other Saiyans who need emotional triggers to transform.


And as expected, the Internet went gaga over this groundbreaking character. Check out what the fans said after witnessing this major milestone in the series.

There are those who realized that it’s about damn time! (and who probably feel as old like me)


Then there are those who simply celebrated the diversity.

And here’s my favorite so far. Good job Internet!


Are you excited to see Cauliflain action? Who do you think would win in a fight? Caulifla or Wonder Woman. Shout in the comments what you think and stay tuned for more updates.

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