Super Retro Boy is an all-in-one Gameboy Emulator


I love emulators; I personally have the NES, SNES, and SEGA ones on my XBOX and really enjoy kicking back with the “old school” games. My all time favorite game growing up is Secret of Mana for the SNES, which I find myself playing over and over again on the emulator.

There is a new system out now that is designed to look like the old Gameboys, just not as clunky or heavy, this is known as Retro Boy! I absolutely love this idea. I spent hours on my Gameboy when I first got it, trying to beat that Mario Game in black and white, and feeling triumphant when I finally defeated the game in its entire non-color pixilated world. Now this new system is supposed to be a super upgrade from the original, smaller, slender, longer battery life and shatter resistant screen. Plus it can play every Gameboy game made, including that of the newer systems like Gameboy Color and Advanced! Now this is sweet. Oh and you can use all the cartridges from previous systems as well in this single device. The game system will run about $80 dollars and should be released around August of this year.

If you want more information go check out the companies game page on Facebook called Retro-Bit. I personally think this is awesome, the only thing that kind of sucks is that the old cartridges can be pretty spendy to own, (my son just spent $35 on an old Pokemon game for his system) so be prepared for that. Otherwise this is awesome. ^_^

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