Storm Chasers Pay Their Respect to Passing of Bill Paxton with a GPS Tribute

Shocked and saddened was the world yesterday to find that an icon such as Bill Paxton was taken from us so soon. Being only 61 years young, Mr. Paxton has passed away due to complication from surgery.

Born May 17th, 1955 in Fort Worth Texas, Known for his movies such as U-571, Twister, Predator 2, Weird Science, Titanic, True Lies and Terminator just to name a few. He started his career in 1984 as a thug in the Terminator movie and then moved to a bigger role as the mean older brother of Chet in Weird Science. He also helped direct movies like True Lies and Titanic, which were huge blockbuster hits. He was also cast in a Pat Benatar song Shadow of the Night as a Nazi radio officer and in a Limp Bizkit song Eat You Alive. His skills in acting were astounding, he touched all lives that knew him and was truly a wonder as an artist.

TO pay respect, hundreds of storm chasers in the mid-west decided to pay their respect to the Twister star by doing a GPS tribute. This is really clever, the pro-storm chasers used the pings from GPS signals and Facebook to coordinate this plan, and if you look on a map, the pings spell out “BP” which is so neat.

I have a video below of the Pat Benatar music video he appeared in, I just love her and seeing his face in this was really fun. It’s truly sad to know we lost one as amazing as Bill Paxton. I hope this video makes you smile like it did me. ^_^


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