Steven Universe Game to Hit Game Consoles

Awe yes, Steven Universe. This show I just can’t make up my mind if I like it or not. But either way, the concept of this boy hanging out with chicks that have gem names and can combine with each other to face the forces of evil is a pretty interesting concept.


Well to make it big, there needs to be a video game created for you, to me, this is the highest form of flattery. And thanks to Rebecca Sugar, Steven Universe has upgraded. But not just any type of game, oh no my friends, he gets to be an RPG, which to me, is the best type of game out there. Now he already was a game once before for the mobile system, but this time he gets to move to the big guys, though no one has said which system it will be.

The game will be titled Steven Universe: Save the Light, which will be the sequel to Attack the Light, and to have an original story, which is perfect for such a game and series. If you have played the original game, Attack the Light, then you know that Steven was more of a side character who gave power to the ladies as they made their way through, but in this new version, you can actually be Steven. (YAY) It looks like Rebecca decided he could use a bigger role than just a groupie.

The game is set to come out this summer of 2017, and if you have not played the first one, I suggest you get out there and give it a try, I hear that it’s pretty good. Please enjoy the sneak peak gameplay in the video below commentated by Rebecca Sugar herself. ^_^


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