Square Enix Bringing Support to Nintendo Switch With A Variety of Games

Nintendo showed off a fair few of the games third-party developers are working on for the Switch, but one company that seems to be supporting the system in a big way is non-other than Square Enix. Most famous for the Final Fantasy series (which we can dream might come to the Switch), Square Enix was revealed to be bringing a lot of games to the table.

First off, a whole slew of Dragon Quest titles will be arriving on the system. Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest XI are currently in development for the Switch, though only expect XI to be brought to the west. Additionally, Dragon Quest Heroes I and II will be releasing on the system towards the end of April, from the same developers behind the Dynasty Warriors series who just so happen to be bringing another game to the Switch.

We’ll certainly have plenty of RPG awesomeness to keep us entertained then, but that’s not all. Square Enix announced a completely new project for the Switch as well, entitled ‘Project Octopath¬†Traveler‘ from the team behind the Bravely Default series. It’s certainly got an interesting name, and luckily for us, the game itself looks to be equally as interesting. Not much was revealed about the game, but it has a charmingly classic art style, combining 3D backgrounds and 2D sprites, and is billed as being an ‘open-ended adventure’. The game doesn’t currently have a release date in any region, but no doubt Square Enix will announce more when the time is right.

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