**SPOILERS** The NEW Member of the Bullet Club is …


During the most recent set of television tapings from Ring Of Honor there was rumours going around that there would be a new addition to the most popular faction going the viallainous Bullet Club.

During the main event of Bullet Club (Cody Rhodes, Adam Cole, and the Young Bucks) vs. Jay Lethal, Bobby Fish, and the Briscoes. There was an interruption by the remaining members of the Bullet Club, which cause The Briscoes to run to the back leaving Adam Cole to pick up the win.

As Adam Cole gloats Christopher Daniels having seen enough leaves commentary and started to attack Cole. Daniels grabs scissors and a razor in gain revenge for Amam Cole doing the same thing to Jay Lethal and Michael Elgin. Kaz runs in to seemingly support his long term tag partner and best friend. When Daniels turns his back Kaz removes his jacket to reveal a Bullet Club shirt and leads an attack on Daniels.

What do you think? Is Kaz a good addition to the faction?


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