**SPOILER** Rick Rude to be the Next Name in the WWE 2017 Hall of Fame Class


Another day, another name has reportedly been leaked about who’s going to be joining DDP in the WWE Hall Of Fame 2017. I broke you the news about DDP aka Diamond Dallas Page being the first name in the 2017 Hall of Fame Class and I have it on good authority that the next entrant will be none other than Ravishing Rick Rude!

Rick Rude regularly is ranked amongst other top names such as The British Bulldog, Mr Perfect, Owen Hart (I’m not counting that steel cage victory, sorry fans!), Ricky Steamboat and Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts as some of the greatest talents ever to have never won the WWE (then WWF) Heavyweight Championship. It’s a travesty that none of the previous mentioned men have won this title and the likes of The Great *cough* Khali has.

Anyway back to the point at hand. Rick Rude was a mainstay in both WWE and WCW, although admittedly under utilized in the WWE his high point there was fueding with the Ultimate Warrior for the Intercontinental Championship. It was in the WCW where he was given his chance to shine.

Rick was the man that ladies love and the man that men hate. His chiseled physique was back up with pure wrestling talent and this was followed up with pure arrogance.

Despite being an side thought in the best stable of all time The Dangerous Alliance sorry NWO fans and DX fans. Well no I’m not I mean that stable had Rick Rude, Paul Heyman and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin  (then ‘Stunning’ Steve Austin) amongst it’s ranks! He was the Randy Orton of their Evolution regularly holding the United States Title, when it still had meaning.

After the Dangerous Alliance went thier own ways, Rick went on to defeat Ric Flair for the NWA World Title, as WCW withdrawn it’s agreement Rick was not recognised as a true world champion sadly.

This would sadly be the high point of his career as after this  he suffered a dangerous back injury that forced an early retirement and then he bounced between ECW, WWE and returning to WCW again.

In his second stint in the WWE he was brought in as DX’s enforcer before leaving due to the mistreatment of Bret Hart during the Montreal Screwjob, he followed this up by appearing on WCW and WWE programming on the same night!

A similar role followed where he was the enforcer of the New World Order, before he sadly passed away due to heart failure on April 20 1999 at the age of 40.

Rick was reportedly training to return to the ring at that point, who knows what would have happened if he had been able to return to the squared circle.

A true legend taken too soon.

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