**SPOILER** Drew Galloway IS the NEW Impact Wrestling Grand Champion

Ok someone please explain the point of Impact Wrestling’s Grand Champion, yes I know it’s Impact’s equivalent of the WWE Intercontinental Championship or United States Title but it’s not treated as such. Whereas in the WWE they have the weird tradition that the holder will usually drop the belt and go and feud with the main champion or be elevated to upper midcard status, Impact Wrestling has it just well because.

Let me explain, before the Grand Championship there was the King of the Mountain Championship, the  Television Title and the Legends Title. What did the achieve? Nothing that’s why they were scrapped. So when Billy Corgan aka the greatest thing to happen to Impact in a LONG time came up with the title to capitalise on UFC growing popularity many were excited. Would this be the launchpad to a more shoot wrestling style? Would the winners then go on to feud with the Impact champion?

Well no and errr no. Look at the list of previous Grand Champions we’ve had since it’s inception Aron Rex a, ka former WWE under utilized talent Damien Sandow and former ROH standout Moose. Did the belt propel them on to the bigger stage? Well considering that Aron Rex has gone from being over face to being an **SPOILER ALERT** exuberant pimp-ish character and Moose is well just there, think Ezekiel Jackson with the ECW title win and you’ll know what I mean WWE fans.

It seems Impact Wrestling used the title as a place holder for an over stacked but somehow at the same time under stacked roster, seriously is it hard to give them TWO shows Anthem Media?

So it was natural rather than have returning talent Drew Galloway have a character arc, he just shows up out of nowhere (he really had an injury) and wins, it seems that Drew will just be another place holder for the title until they find him something to do.  TURN HIM FACE, seriously Impact stop turning every great face talent heel it’s boring and predictable as hell.

Will he elevate the title? Will the title elevate him? Time will tell.

Failing that there’s always the option of a THREE MAN BAND REUNION TOUR BABY!!!!!!!

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