**SPOILER** Diamond Dallas Page the First in the WWE 2017 Hall of Fame Class

Yo, it’s me, it’s me, it’s DDP!

Rumour (PW Insider) has it that WCW legend Diamond Dallas Page has been confirmed as the first entrant in the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2017.

Diamond Dallas Page or DDP was a mainstay during WCW from the later 80’s till the companys demise, be it as a loud brash cocky manager or leading the WCW charge against the villainous New World Order. There was no denying of his talent. What I admired most was his dedicated to the sport and him finally achieving his dream of winning the WCW World Heavyweight Championship despite starting out as a manager.

Despite a lackluster career in the then WWF now WWE as The Undertakers ‘stalker, and an even less memorable career in TNA. DDP left the wrestling world behind to form DDP Yoga, transforming the lives of many former wrestlers who have fallen on hard times aka Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts and Scott ‘Razor Ramon’ Hall.

There is no doubting that this guy is an inspiration inside and outside of the ring and I for one fully support this announcement and let’s check out some of DP’s greatest moments here!




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