**SPOILER** Chris Jericho IS the NEW WWE United States Champion

Breathe it in maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. On the latest edition of WWE Raw Chris Jericho defeated Roman Reigns to win his very first WWE United States Championship.

FINALLY THE UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP HAS COME BACK TO RELAVANCY oops sorry I was in The Rock mode then. Chris’s win will bring a much underused title back to prominence, rather than being a very expensive belt to hold up Roman’s combat trousers. IF and I mean if he is going to hold it for a considerable amount of time, rather than being a placeholder to get Roman Reigns title wins up.

There’s no denying Chris Jericho outside of the MUCH under appreciated talents in Lucha Underground is the best in the world today and quite possibly a contender for the greatest of all time amongst others such as Bret Hart, Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes. I mean look at what Chris has been able to get over in his latest stint within the WWE a list, a jacket, a scarf and a houseplant. Does anyone remember the houseplant? RIP Mitch *sniff*

Now although the title win is great for Chris it’s also a downer as well, because let’s face it ‘The Big Dog‘ only dropped the belt because he’s probably now going to defeat Kevin Owens at the Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania for the title. Although the prospect of a double champion is always a mouth watering thought, the thought of it being Roman Reigns rather than K.O. or Sparkly Crotchpants GOAT face ¬†would quite frankly p*** alot of fans off.

Chris has been gaining momentum at a level never seen before even during his awesome career and I can’t help but feel that rather than let the fans see a Chris and Kevin or Kevin and Chris feud over the WWE Universal Title (that we ALL want to see, and if you don’t you are lying!) we are going to see a mid card fued when Roman is ruling the roost again (yawns). Sure you could argue that a feud between the two doesn’t even need the belt given the quality of the wrestlers involved or that as Chris is a part timer he doesnt deserve the title, but he’s earned it, give the man his moment in the sun. Yes he’s had so many he’s probably permantly orange but when he’s the goat, he deserves the recognition, heck even Hulk Hogan came back as a part time and won the title. Put the belt on Jericho DAMN IT!!

Although who knows maybe Chris will keep the title, win the Royal Rumble, then go out to fight Kevin at Wrestlemania and become a DOUBLE CHAMPION!

We can all but dream peeps, but for now I’m gunna enjoy the ride because a one day Chris Jericho united States title run would be more entertaining than a one year Roman Reigns run any day.

If you can’t deal with that well YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!!




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