**SPOILER** Bobby Lashley IS the NEW Impact Wrestling Heavyweight Champion

So it appears that Impact Wrestling is in reboot  mood, no sooner had Anthem Media purchased the company then they decide to change things up with having two new champions crowned in the recent set of television tapings. First we had the news that Drew Galloway was the new Impact Grand Champion revealed HERE next we have a new Impact Heavyweight Champion in the shape of now four time champion Bobby Lashley.

Yes Bobby is a man beast and the closest thing that Impact have to a Brock Lesnar on their roster and he has finally be able to become the wrestler that WWE wanted him to become admittedly it wasn’t with their company.

I completely understand Anthem Media decision to mix things up, I mean if I purchased a wrestling company I’d like to have the top title on the biggest star, no disrespect to Eddie Edwards, he is someone I have a lot of respect for but he seemed like a transitional champion at best. Even if this transitional champion held the belt a little too long. Now that Davey Richards is back, even though he is due to retire shortly, I see Eddie dropping back down the card for a Wolves reunion.

There is no arguing that putting your two biggest belts on your two top stars is the way to go forward, however it does reek a little bit of WCW in it’s later days, I hope like Impact Wrestling new logo (it’s not an eagle it’s a pheonix damn it!) it will signal a rebirth rather than a future doomed to failure.

Either way Lashley is dare I say it entertaining as hell as a smarmy git and this is a guy I once said had less charisma than a potato, so I welcome the change. Will it bring me back to watching Impact Wrestling? Sadly not but I am kinda intrigued to see where they go with this!

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