Spiderman Confirmed For Avengers Infinity Wars

As the list continues to grow for whom we may and may not see in the Avengers Infinity War movie, one thing we can now lay to rest is knowing that Spiderman will indeed be a part of the epic battle.


As part of his Facebook live, Robert Downey Jr. gave us a video of him on set of the Avengers Infinity War and with him was Tom Holland! The video is silly as expected for something coming from Robert and his quarks, as his “camera guy” is interviewing him… but this Camera dude has a pretty familiar voice… During the video, Robert is answering questions from his fans about Infinity Wars, his personal preferences, and other topics.



I am soooooo excited for this movie! Ugh, it’s just not fair we have to wait so long to enjoy it…. Oh well…. I know patients is a virtue, but it’s so hard when all you hear is talk about this and the other Marvel Avengers movies. ^_^


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