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With a little less than two months left before the July premiere of Spider-Man: Homecoming it is no surprise the media is finally catching wind of new details on the film, which at least for me, has been long awaited. Ever since his debut in Avengers: Civil War, where Tom Holland’s rendition of their character delivered warm, easily relatable humour and awkward mannerism, we have been curious to see more.

Earlier this week Flickering Myth shared new stills from the upcoming film, Zendaya provided MTV news with a statement on her character Michelle, and Empire revealed their exclusive cover promoting the film. Today, we are bringing you all of those things in one easy to read location. So, if you’re as excited as I am in catching a peek, then take a look below. A little heads up though, some would consider these stills as spoilers. So, consider yourself warned.

Spider Man Homecoming Still 7 Spider Man Homecoming Still 6 Spider Man Homecoming Still 2 Spider Man Homecoming Still 3 Spider Man Homecoming Still 4 Spider Man Homecoming Still 5Spider Man Homecoming MichelleSpider Man Homecoming Still 1

At MTV’s 2017 Movie & TV Awards, Zendaya reaffirmed for both new and old fans alike that “My character’s 100% Michelle, that’s her name, I promise you I’m not lying. And she’s definitely a different character, I think… this is a character I could have fun with and just really create what I wanted to make her, and the director had a lot of really cool ideas about how to make her weird and interesting and cool. She says weird things at the wrong time, but I think that’s why people like her.”

Suffice to say that means one internet rumour that has been running rampant has been debunked, Zendaya’s Michelle is definitely not a cover for Mary Jane Watson.

Empire Issue 337 Spider-Man: Homecoming

Rounding out the Spider-Man: Homecoming news we have Empire magazine’s exclusive cover promoting the film. Issue #337 is slated to hit newsstands today, Thursday the 18th of May, and contain eight pages of reports from the set where the film was shot.

Hopefully, these updates will be enough to tide us over till something new emerges. Otherwise, I guess we’ll just have to await the 7th of July patiently. Or, we can rewatch the new trailer spot that first aired on MTV’s 2017 Movie & TV Awards. Either way, thanks for reading and we’ll see you at the movies!


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