Spider-man: Homecoming Will House the Hero’s Most Iconic Suit Ever

With five Spider-man movies, Spider-man: Homecoming has to work hard to up the ante.

Marvel Studios  and Sony Pictures released a new trailer for the film. In it, Spider-man (Tom Holland) shows off a few new abilities. In Spider-man: Homecoming, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.designs a new suit for Peter Paker.

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige called the new suit “The most iconic Spidey suit ever.”

Spider-man Homecoming Trailer

The first thing we see is that Spidey now has visual read-outs similar to Iron Man. During the same segment, we also learn that the costume lights and up offers over 500 forms of web-shooter combinations.

The addition of new webbing should be interesting. Both the Sam Raimidirected Spider-man films featured organic webbing. The Amazing Spider-man was the first time we saw Spidey use web shooters, true to the comics. However, with over 500 types of webbing, it should be fun to see what director John Watts and company have come up with.

Other features include a parachute for when Spidey is in the air. Ol’ webhead has been able to use a parachute in the comics, but he always had to use his webbing. The trailer also indicates the Stark technology will give his costume heating features.

One last feature is a drone shaped like the Spider-man logo. The trailer shows the drone only briefly. So it’s unclear right now if the drone is used for combat or surveillance. Or maybe both.

Spider-man: Homecoming will be released July 7. Many of these new features seem useful in Spider-man’s battle against The Vulture (Micheal Keaton). How will these features work out for Spidey? Are there more features we just haven’t learned about?

On July 7th will know.

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