Spaceballs 2 Edging Closer to Reality Thanks to Star Wars?

When it was originally released in 1987, the classic sci-fi-spoof Spaceballs joked that the characters would all meet again in Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money. Since then, fans have been clamoring for the joke to become a reality. Now, with the popularity of The Force Awakens and Rogue One, it just might happen.

Rumors of Spaceballs 2 have been around for a while. Movieweb reported about a year ago that someone had posted teaser posters for the sequel in the New York subway with a melted helmet à la Vader’s that Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) was mooning over in Force Awakens. Sadly that just turned out to be wishful thinking at the time, but recently creator Mel Brooks has given fans a glimmer of hope.

Candy, Rivers, Zuniga, and Pullman

Barf, Dot Matrix, Princess Vespa, and Lone Starr in Spaceballs

Brooks has repeatedly expressed interest in a sequel, even as early as just a few years after the original hit theatres. One problem with producing a sequel now is that many of the original cast have unfortunately passed on. Comedic greats John Candy as Barf, the furry sidekick, Joan Rivers as the droid Dot Matrix, and Dom DeLuise as Pizza the Hut would all have to be recast, and who can fill those shoes? Additionally, Rick Moranis (Dark Helmet) voluntarily removed himself from the big screen in order to take care of his kids when his wife passed. According to EOnline, Brooks has said that he won’t do the film unless Moranis is involved, but I suppose that depends on how much more money the sequel is in search of.

Moranis in Spaceballs

Rick Moranis as Darth Helmet

Now, according to CulturedVultures, thanks to the renewed interest in the Star Wars franchise, MGM has, as Brooks puts it, “expressed slight interest” in the sequel and the two are reportedly in talks. Timing is everything, they say. The Force Awakens, Rogue One, and the upcoming Last Jedi all have fans on the edge of their seat. Would anyone have been interested when Phantom Menace came out? At least the three prequels will provide plenty of fodder for Brooks to mine if the talks advance to the next stage.

So are we in on the joke or is the joke on us? Let’s all just repeat, “We are one with the Schwartz and the Schwartz is with us,” and hope for the best.

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