Sony Developing Spider-Man Spin-off on Black Cat and Silver Sable

Hello, there pop culture fans! Sunny here! and we’ve got some news regarding more upcoming Marvel Sony developments. After learning of the recent Sony development for a Venom movie (which you can see our report HERE) it looks like they have reached out to writer Chris Yost, the writer for Thor: Ragnarok to create storylines for both Black Cat and Silver Sableaccording to The Hollywood Reporter. It is not confirmed if Black Cat will be played by Anne Hathaway as she was supposed to in the cancelled Spiderman 4 movie. Speculations rise as we know the Venom movie will not be connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spiderman: Homecoming. Therefore we can only assume that the two possible Sony developments will also not be part of the rest of the MCU.

Silver Sable & Black Cat

Black Cat also known as Felicia Hardy, similar to DC’s Catwoman (might as well be the same person) is an anti-hero type of female vigilante. Quick and agile she possesses the athleticism of a top notch Olympic athlete though typically does not possess any superhuman abilities. Though she did have a storyline where Kingpin allowed his scientists to give her the power to jinx people causing them to have bad luck so she can work alongside her lover at the time, Spiderman, it is speculated that Black Cat does not have any superpowers. This storyline continues when Spiderman continuously begins to get tired of Black Cat’s antics and sets off to Dr. Strange to remove the recently given jinx powers. She is known for feuding with Mary Jane Watson, Femme Fatal, and Scorpion during this story arch.

Black Cat

Silver Sable, on the other hand, is also an anti-hero type of character in the Spiderman universe. Sable also does not possess any powers though is an expert in many combative styles such as hand to hand, ranged weapons, and melee weapons on top of her agility, speed and strength to carry her on her escapades. During one of her more known storylines, she joins forces with Spiderman to take on the likes of the Jack O’Lantern and the Sinister Syndicate, a group consisting of, Rhino, Beetle, Hydro-Man, Boomerangand Speed Demon.

Silver Sable

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