Sneak Peek For Marvel Phase 3 Teases Exciting Times Ahead

With Doctor Strange set to release on home media in the coming weeks, Marvel has been giving fans a taste of what to expect from the special features. Last week saw the continuation of ‘Team Thor’, but this week? How about a full-blown teaser of what to expect from the Marvel Cinematic Universe going forward?

As you can see from the video the MCU is only going to get crazier. It’s weird to see its humble beginnings at comic-con over a decade ago, knowing now what a colossal success it would become. As Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said in the video, no one had ever built a shared cinematic universe before and now everyone is attempting it! The video shows why Marvel is still king in this area though and that is simply because of the tremendously diverse range of characters they have. From arrogant tech wiz Tony Stark to a talking racoon that flies around space. Nobody could ever have predicted this universe would be a success to the point where these characters are about to share in a blockbuster film together.

Away from the reminiscing, though, this video also offers a look at what is yet to come, and what is yet to come is pretty exciting indeed. Early effects footage of Thor and Hulk duking it out, as well as some intriguing alien beings, suggests Thor Ragnarok will be on a much grander scale than the previous two films before it, which can only be a good thing for one of the weaker parts of the MCU. Concept art and talking heads for Black Panther meanwhile suggest a much more intimate film that will address the spiritual side of Black Panther’s character as well as the political.


Black Panther Concept Art

All of this, of course, is leading to Avengers: Infinity War, a two-part movie event that will serve as the culmination of everything Marvel Studios has been building towards since Iron Man first released in 2008. As well as finally showing why Thanos is the biggest, baddest character in the MCU, it will also bring together all these fleshed out characters that Marvel has spent a decade making us care about.

Until then, we can get even more hyped up by enjoying everything Marvel throws our way.

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