Sharknado 5: Earth 0 is Coming

There are movies you hate to love and love to hate. We all have seen some kind of shark movie who have had sequels or not. This is one of those movie franchises. They just announced that Sharknado 5: Earth 0 (according to IMDB) is in the make. For those wondering what a Sharknado is: it is a tornado filled with all kinds of sharks. The movies are not the quality range in the likes of Jaws (a classic shark movie with several sequels) but they are so bad and ridiculous that they become good again in my opinion.

For those who have seen the movies know what I mean. Who in their right mind jumps on sharks to cross the water-filled road. Or cuts them in two with a chainsaw. If you love that kind of ridiculousness then this is the kind of movie franchise for you.

Here is what we know so far. Both leads in the earlier movies Ian Ziering (Beverly Hills 90210) and Tara Reed (American Pie) will reprise their roles of Fin Shepard and April Wexler as they have been confirmed for the 5th movie. The movie will be directed by Anthony C. Ferrante (mostly known for directing the Sharknado franchise movies). Unlike previous Sharknado movies, this one is written by Scotty Mullen and not by Thunder Levin. There is no news yet as who might make a cameo in the latest Sharknado. But I for one am looking forward to seeing who gets eaten by a shark.

According to IMDB the plot of the movie is as follows: “With much of North America lying in ruins, the rest of the world braces for the inevitable: a global Sharknado. From London to Asia, South Africa to Mexico, Fin and his family must put a stop to the Sharknados once and for all.

A release date is not yet announced but just like other Sharknado movies before it will premiere on Syfy. If previous production dates and release dates are an indication the movie will premiere later this year. When we learn more we will let you know. But for now enjoy the trailer of Sharknado 4: the 4th Awakens.

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