Sean Gunn Shares Images on the Avengers: Infinity Wars set

This has to be one of the most anticipated movies to come, and with production underway, its fan base is thriving with excitement. Guardians of the Galaxy’s Sean Gunn, brother of producer James Gunn, have shared some wonderful images with us while being on set of Infinity Wars.


Now it appears that the Avengers Infinity Wars has a new logo, which Gunn shows of in style wearing a beanie as well as the next image where he has what looks like a big Avengers mug and is perfect for my coffee in the morning. With him on set of the infinity wars gives hint that the character Rocket Raccoon may show up in the 2018 film. He plays Kraglin too in GOTG but its not confirmed yet on if he too will be in the forthcoming movie.


Though not much has been released as far as plot goes, if you have read the comics then you have a pretty good idea of what may be to come in this movie as well as the Avengers 4 film. There was a tease that the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe will come together to fight Thanos. (So bad arse!!) Both Avengers movies are in back to back production so the actors have their work cut out for them. ^_^

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