Ring of Honor Results 3/27: Will the Hardys retain vs the Briscoes?


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Hello, once again wrestling fans! Time for some Ring of Honor results via Sunny here at pop culture pipe bomb. We’ve got a dream match in hand tonight and we get to see the broken ones in action vs Ring of Honor’s very own Briscoe Brothers. We also have Ring of Honor World Champion in the house tonight, Christopher Daniels for the first time since the 15th Anniversary Show! So without further ado let’s get to the show results and reactions! **TOO SWEET**

Watch the ROH World Champion, Christopher Daniels in this promo!

Tonight we have Ian Riccaboni and Kevin Kelly on the announcer’s table calling the matches. We open up to Christopher Daniels making his way to the ring with Frank Kazarian both dressed in suits. They cut their promos while Daniels pours his appletini and the crowd chants “YOU DESERVE IT!”. Daniels continues to cut his promo basically talking himself up over Adam Cole. Frank then cuts his own promo stating he’s gunning for Marty Scurll‘s Ring of Honor Television Championship at Super Card of Honor. Dalton Castle, the man to challenge Christopher Daniels at Super Card interrupts the duo as he makes his entrance to the ring where he shares an appletini with the champion and cuts a pretty hilarious promo. Castle calls out his boys to bring out a glass and the two celebrate and share a couple of glasses of appletini while Castle congratulates Daniels on his championship while also at the same time threatening to take the championship. Adam Cole and the club (The Young Bucks) then interferes on the ridiculous promo and its “Story Time with Adam Cole baybaayyyy”. Cole then continues to mock Castle, Daniels, and Kazarian stating he’s the only one worthy of the championship. This eventually sets up a 6 man tag between Bullet Club vs. Daniels, Kazarian, and Castle. We now get a backstage promo with Marty Scurll issuing an open challenge. Kenny King then comes in after Marty is finished stating he’s beaten everyone that Marty has, setting up a Kenny King vs Marty Scurll for next week’s main event.

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Now let’s get into the first tale of the tape. Matt & Jeff Hardy vs The Briscoe Brothers! The Hardys make their way into the ring with the Ring of Honor Tag Team Titles as well as the stolen Superkick Party titles from the Young Bucks. This will be the first time of the showdown between the brothers. Briscoes will be trying to become the champions for the 9th time in ROH history.

Hardys vs Briscoes

The match opens up with a series of strikes from Mark Briscoe, he goes in for a kick to the midsection to be caught by Jeff Hardy. Mark then flips out of the counter, Jeff comes in with a clothesline which Mark ducks under then flips over Jeff and goes into his redneck kung fu pose mocking Jeff for a moment. Jeff goes in for 2 strikes that are countered as Mark catches his foot, Jeff flips out of it and kicks Mark into the corner where he starts bouncing Mark’s face off the turnbuckle over and over again. Mark stumbles away from the corner and takes 2 elbows to the chest and falls to the mat. Jeff does a diving cross body for the cover while Matt comes into the ring to knock Jay Briscoe off the apron. Mark kicks out at a 2 count.

The Hardys now capitalize on a double team hitting Mark with their patented elbow/leg drop at the same time. Jay Briscoe makes his way into the ring only to be hit my the Hardys other patented double team leg drop move, one to the groin area and one to the face. The Hardys then deliver some chops to the brothers while the crowd chants “DELETE, OBSOLETE!” with every strike, Jeff sends Jay to his brother in the corner with an Irish whip, following a diving attack after jumping off of his brother Matt. The Briscoes catch Jeff in the air and send him flying towards Matt, they beat on them and throw them out of the ring. Jay Briscoe then hits them with a perfect suicide dive knocking them into the floor. Mark hits Matt with a flying elbow off the apron resembling Cactus Jack while Jeff gets thrown into the fence by Jay. They make their way back into the ring where Mark and Jeff continue their fight. Mark has Jeff on the ground with a couple of grappling moves and covers for a 1 count.

Mark then tags Jay in and holds Jeff for his brother Jay to kick him in the midsection a couple of times before retreating to the apron. Jay runs over to Matt to knock him off the apron. Jay then whips Jeff into the corner to collide with him, grabs Jeff by the head and flips him onto the mat to submit Jeff before Matt jumps in the ring to break the hold. Jay hits Jeff with a big European uppercut sending him to the corner as he tags Mark in. They whip Jeff into the corner who counters the brothers with some elbows, jumps on the turnbuckle and hits the brothers with his Whisper in the wind, knocking the brothers down simultaneously. Jeff makes the tag to Matt who begins to beat Mark and smash his head into the turnbuckle corner while the crowd cheers “DELETE!”. Matt then whips Mark into the corner and rushes towards him to be met by Marks’ elbow. Mark jumps on the turnbuckle and attempts to dive towards Matt who counters with a kick to the midsection and hits Mark with the Twist of Fate and covers him for the 2 count.  Matt gets Mark into the corner where he delivers multiple elbows to the face and hitting him with a bulldog for another 2 count. Matt then hits Mark with 2 leg drops and a big elbow for yet again, another 2 count.

Matt takes Mark into the corner and tags his brother Jeff in while they double team Mark with a double clothesline. Jeff works on Mark on the ground with a rear naked choke hold. Jeff continues to work on Mark as they both hit each other with a clothesline. Both men are on the ground, struggling to make it to their partners, eventually tagging their partners. Matt and Jay take the center of the ring and begin striking each other eventually, Matt takes the advantage with a series of headbutts to get Jay in the corner where he starts biting Jay’s face drawing blood. As Matt begins to play to the crowd Jay starts making his comebacks with a couple of strikes and headbutts and a neck breaker for a 2 count.

Jay sets up for a Jay Driller when Matt counters with his Side Effect for a 2 count. Matt makes his way to the top turnbuckle only to get hit with a right from Mark. Jeff now intervenes and both teams end up on the top turnbuckles where the Briscoes hit the Hardys with two super plexes. Mark Briscoe makes his way to the top turnbuckle targeting a lying Matt Hardy in the center of the ring hitting him with a flying elbow, Jay covers Matt for another 2 count. Jeff then intervenes and hits Jay with his version of the Twist of Fate for Matt to cover for a 2 count. Both Matt and Jay hit each other with elbows, sending Jay to the corner to tag in his brother Mark. Mark starts with some chops to Matt following some forearms. Matt whips Mark into the corner who climbs the turnbuckles. Matt counters with strikes to Mark as he gets to the top turnbuckle and the two begin trading blows. Jay now intervenes in the match taking Matt and putting him onto his shoulders to hit him with the Doomsday Device. Mark covers Matt for 2 count when Jeff breaks the count. Jeff then finds himself outside of the ring to hit Jay with a Twist of Fate. Matt then hits Mark with a Twist of Fate while Jeff climbs the ropes to follow-up with a Swanton Bomb. Matt covers Mark who kicks out at 2 and counters with a roll-up pin for a 2 count of his own. Now Matt and Mark begin trading blows, Matt goes in for another Twist of Fate which is countered and sent to the ropes where Jeff tags himself in, Matt hits Briscoe with a roll-up pin while Jeff hits Mark with a double leg drop, holding both his feet, the Hardys take the match with a 3 count via a double pin.

After the match the Young Bucks come out to announce the match for the titles will be a ladder match, obviously, the Hardys accept being the hardcore tag team duo we all have come to know and love.

RESULT: The Hardys retain the titles via a double pin. 


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The 2nd Main Event we have tonight will be the aforementioned Bullet Club’s Adam Cole and the Young Bucks vs. Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian and Dalton Castle.

Young Bucks, Adam Cole, Dalton Castle, Christopher Daniels, Frank Kazarian

The match begins with everyone beating each other leaving Christopher Daniels with Nick Jackson in the ring. Daniels finds himself on the outskirts with the rest of the men where he gets hit with a Superkick from Matt Jackson. Matt and Adam then have Castle, Frank, and Daniels in position for Nick to hit them with a perfect flying Swanton landing on his feet as the Club takes advantage. The club then hits all three wrestlers with simultaneous powerbombs on the aprons. The Club then sets up to hit the men outside of the ring with some dives when ‘The Boys’ take out the Young Bucks from the ring. As the boys set up for their own dives, they are taken out of the ring by the Bucks who delivers two Superkicks taking out the boys. The Bucks then set up with Adam Cole in the Bullet Club formation to hit Daniels and Kazarian with 2 suicide dives. The Bucks send Frank into the ring where Adam Cole begins to beat him ruthlessly. Cole continues his beating to Frank in the Bullet Club’s corner. Cole tags in Nick who claws the back of Frank in the corner. Nick tags in Matt who sets up for a Brain Buster only to be countered by a huge right hand. Nick then walks over to tag in Cole, who tries to set up another Brain Buster who gets countered in the same way. Cole tags in Matt who sets up for, you guessed it another Brain Buster, Matt gets him up but is countered when Daniels and Castle come in to stop the move. Cole and Nick join the fray by kicking Castle and Daniels in the midsection to where the Bullet Club hits Frank, Daniels, and Castle with simultaneous  Brain Busters. Frank is now being triple teamed in the ring as he’s hit with knees from the Bucks and Adam Cole, the Bucks follow with double moonsaults to Frank as Matt goes in for the 2 count.

The Bucks attempt to double team Frank as they whip him into the ropes for a double Superkick. Frank counters by holding himself on the ropes, Matt rushes towards him to be sent out of the ring followed by Nick. Nick gets sent out of the ring but lands on the apron where he hits Frank with an X Factor and Castle on the outside of the ring with a moonsault. Nick then jumps into the ring only to be hit with a cutter by Frank. Frank tags in Daniels who knocks Cole off the apron and begins to hit the Young Bucks with strikes, bumps, and slams. Daniels then hits Nick with a Blue Thunder. Daniels hits Matt with a moonsault off the ropes for a 2 count. Cole then intervenes with a Superkick to Daniels, taking Matt into the corner for safety where he tags himself in. Cole then goes in for a Figure Four, which Daniels counters and runs to his corner to tag in  Dalton Castle.

Castle comes in and hits Cole with a suplex, gets Cole in the corner to hit him with a knee. Castle then sets up Cole for the Bangarang where he is countered. Cole tries to hit Castle with a right where he is countered and thrown over the shoulder. The Bucks try to interfere when Castle hits Matt and Nick with a German suplex. Castle then hits Cole with a suplex and covers for a two count which is broken up bu the flying Bucks. Now all the wrestlers are in the ring. Daniels hits Nick with the Angel’s Wings, Cole hits Daniels with a Superkick as everyone is now laying in the middle of the ring while the crowd chants “THIS IS AWESOME!” Cole then hits Frank with the Destroyer and gets caught by Daniels who slams Cole into the mat. Daniels climbs the rope for the Best Moon Sault Ever which misses and is countered by a double Superkick by the Young Bucks who deliver another set of kicks to Frank Kazarian. Adam Cole grabs Dalton Castle and holds him for the Bucks to hit him with another double Superkick. Castle escapes the hold and ducks for Adam to be hit by the Bucks instead. The Bucks turn to Castle and deliver two kicks to him as he backs up from the strikes he bounces off the ropes and hits them with a wild double clothesline taking the bucks out. Daniels hits the Bucks with a moon sault on the outside of the ring while Castle gets Adam Cole with the Bangarang covering Cole to take the win.

RESULT: Dalton Castle, Frank Kazarian, and Christopher Daniels win via pinfall with the Bangarang from Castle to Cole. 

Great Episode! One thing I can say safely is Ring of Honor definitely has the best Tag Team talents wrestling has today, The Young Bucks, The Briscoe Brothers and Matt and Jeff Hardy these three teams alone in this episode makes this a 5/5 must watch episode for anyone who hasn’t watched a Ring of Honor program! I’ll see you guys at Super Card of Honor! Don’t forget to give the article a share, Subscribe to PCPB and Comment your thoughts below!

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