We Review “Rick and Morty” SN 3 Ep 1″The Rickshank Rickdemption”

It is here! An amazing April Fool’s day surprise comes in the form of a new Rick and Morty episode! Rick (Justin Roiland) is out of jail even though he didn’t feel we would want to see how he did it. As he talks with an alien agent(Nathan Fillion), he realises that his life would be different if he had not lost his wife. Meanwhile, Morty (Justin Roiland) decides to take Summer(Spencer Grammer) on, and I told you so trip, and they soon get stuck in this Morty’s actual timeline. This universe’s Jerry(Chris Parnell), Beth(Sarah Chalke), and Summer are all feral beasts who hate Rick which is why they get stuck.

Season 3 April Fools

Rick takes over the agent by uploading a virus, unraveling this world and showing once again how intelligent Rick truly is. When an army of Rick’s come in and take down the aliens, he takes over one of the Rick’s. Rick continues to travel between Rick’s gaining more power. He will stop at nothing to get himself out of the trouble he’s in, nothing is too much for Rick, which is why he is such an amazing character.

Season 3 April Fools

Morty is taken before the council of Rick’s and defends Rick while making sure Summer understands. Rick teleports the Citadel where the Rick’s live to the prison. He then takes down all of the Rick’s except for one who takes Summer hostage. Rick has a plan of course which involves using Summer as bait, which actually is effective.

Season 3 April Fools

Morty won’t let him do it, but he ends up messing it all up. Morty shoots Rick, but luckily it was according to Rick’s plan. Rick takes down the universe’s currency, and it causes mass hysteria. It makes a lot of sense because money is everything and without it everything stops.

Rick comes back, and everyone is happy except for Jerry. Jerry says it is either he or Rick and Beth chooses Rick. This is totally a change as moments before Beth said she’d never leave Jerry. It does make sense as Beth hasn’t seen her father for so long prior to the series that she’d choose to have more time with dear old Dad.

Rick talks to Morty about how this season is going down. Rick has taken over everything and will always take Morty on his journeys. This wasn’t such a change of pace for these characters but it certainly has shaken up the formula in a way.Check out the Season 3 promo below to see the great thing that is Pickle Rick!

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