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The inaugural Punk4mentalhealth festival is fast approaching, and we now have the confirmed dates, the festival will run from 26th – 31st March 2017 and will be a celebration of all things indie and DIY so be sure to save the date and mark your calendars!! The Festival also features the 2nd Annual Teen Clash awards, and the winners announced on the 31st March 2017, the voting will open in February so keep your eyes peeled. Punk4MentalHealth is a celebration of all things Punk, Indie and DIY below are the nominees for indie companies and indie media. All of which have strived to support the indie community from music to comics, to TV and Film they have work hard to give them a louder voice as well as giving indie artist and bands much needed and deserved exposure. Let’s take a look at the catogories and their nominees below.

Company/Media of the Year Nominees

Action Lab EntertainmentIndie Company of the Year
Who are Action Lab, well they are an indie comic book company striving to help indie comic writers get their comics into the world. ” The Action Lab is a group of mad scientists who collectively have over 25 years of comic book creating experience. Action Lab has sworn to use its powers for a single purpose – to bring the world the most action packed, most thought -provoking, most entertaining comics available, thereby ushering in a new age of world peace under the dominating yet benign control of Action Lab.”
Alterna ComicsIndie Company of the Year
Alterna Comics are also an indie comic book company striving to help indie comic writers get their comics into the world. Founded by president and publisher Pete Simeti in 2006. In 2016, Alterna released their first major motion picture, the death row horror thriller – The CHAIR. The Film starred Bill Galligan, Naomi Grossman, Ezra Buzzington and Roddy Piper just to name a few.
Singer PR and PromotionsIndie Company of the Year
Singer PR and Promotion is an award-winning Entertainment Journalist who continues to work tirelessly to promote up and coming indie artist and musicians along with established indie artist, and musicians get the exposure they deserve.
Fastlane ProductionsIndie Company of the Year
Fastlane Productions is an indie film company headed by the award-winning director/writer/producer Jason O’Brien.
Robert Reviews BlogIndie Media of the Year
Robert Reviews is an up and coming indie blogger and writer who is defiantly one to watch!
Punk Online UKIndie Media of the Year
Gaz from Punk Online UK works tirelessly to spread the word about new indie bands, shows and news.
Tanya KasimIndie Media of the Year
Tanya from Jordan also works hard to promote and publicise all things indie; she is a star!!
Pop Culture Pipe BombIndie Media of the Year
We work tirelessly to bring you all the latest in Pop Culture news along with the most recent indie games and developers, Indie comics books and writers and last but not least Indie music.
The Visible GuyIndie Company of the Year
Supports indie community and helps make them visible to the world, Gordon’s other company Adaptive innovations took out Teen Clash’s indie Company of the Year 2016.
Social E-ReadyIndie Company of the Year
Ken and Rhoda are masters of the social media and digital marketing world and also works tirelessly to help promote and support indie and local businesses.
The Punksite – Indie Media of the Year 
The Punksite is another great site that tirlesssly works to promoto and suport the inde comunity
This year The Teen Clash Awards have added two new categories which are Indie Bassist of the year and Indie Drummer of the Year. For the second year in a row, the Teen Clash Awards again have a group of outstanding and talented musicians and artists who are all very deserving of their nominations. Below are the music categories for this year’s Teen Clash Awards.

Indie Artist Band of the Year

  • Eeek
  • Juan Da God
  • Amber
  • Kieran Roberts
  • Wayne Rex
  • Sugar Rush Rocks
  • Sky Keepers

Indie bassist of the Year

  • Danny Albon
  • Kieran Goodman
  • Bruce Mulcahy-Bowman
  • Sam Bentley
  • Bradley Moorcroft

Indie Drummer of the Year

  • Emily Dolan Davies
  • Lee Hudson
  • Karen Milne
  • Keith McKenna
  • R.J. Hill

Indie Guitarist of the Year

This year this is the only write in category on the Teen Clash ballot.

Punk4MentalHealth’s dream team have been working hard to bring you this festival which is in aid of Mental Heath research and awareness as well as stopping stigma around mental health. The Punk4MentalHealth Festival will feature art, music, auctions and talks; you don’t want to miss this fantastic event! Yours truly has been picked to announce this year’s nominees, so be sure to keep your eyes out for that video.
Dr Joel Vos is an aboslute legend who doing amazing cutting edgs research into Mental Health, while raising awerness for mental health in a bid to stop the stigma surrounding the medical condition, yes that’s right I said medical condition, and as someone who lives with an invisable chronic autimune diease Rheumatoid Arthritis, i understand how hard it can be when your medical condition can be seen as all the turmoil and fighting is happing on the inside so “we” don’t look sick but never judge a book by it’s cover. We, more now then ever, need to break the cage of the mental health stigma

Dr Vos’s Punk Philosophy

The Suffering is real!

Mental health problems are similarly (or more) difficult than a broken leg. Crap the stigma, accept the struggle

We are all weird

Who defines what ‘normal’ is? Do we not all have our own thype of weirdness? Thank God we are weird! Without it there would be no culture, society or civilization

Blame the system

Mental heath problems are often caused by the life situations of individuals. Housing makes stressed; benefit sanctions depress (PAA,2014). Austerity kills (IMF,2015). ‘You fail? You are to blame, no one else? ‘ Nonsence! E.g. psychagainstauterity.wordpress.com

Do not label me!

Using psychological diagnoses and stigmatising individuals often worsen their problem. It is unnecessary and bad to put people in the cageof mental health stigma. It is strong to say aloud that things have become too much for you.

Punkify mental health

The punk attitude is about acceptance, regardless of who you are. the mental health research that will be sponsored by this festival dose not merely focus on mental health  issues, but empowers people to live a meaningful and satisfying life despite their problem.
If you or someone you know needs help please reach out and get the support you need, there is no shame in asking for help! don’t give up on your self or your loved ones let’s stop the sigma!! You don’t want to miss the event of 2017!! Keep your eye’s peeled for updates.

Winner of 2016 Indie Media of the Year – Pilhead


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