Pro Wrestling News: Kenny Omega…Is Resigning with NJPW

What’s good to all my PCPB friends? I’m your drum to your Pro Wrestling Beat Danny Finn here with a Kenny Omega update. Cause what? You know it, the beat goes on and on…DIG IT!!!

The Kenny Omega, WWE, NJPW triangle love story is over. I know, I know, but it had to end sometime. Kenny Omega has decided to return to Japan. The rumour has been flying off the hinges since Omega became the hottest free agent after his legendary match against Okada this past January at WrestleKingdom 11.

After Omega’s lost, Omega wanted to take some time off to evaluate things. This lead many to believe Omega was going to do an AJ Styles, and appear at this year’s Royal Rumble.

Unfortunately, despite all the hype and John Cena trolling photos, Omega will resign with NJPW. Omega made the announcement on Wrestling Observer Radio to Brian Alvarez and Dave Meltzer who gave Omega the unprecedented six-star match at WrestleKingdom 11.

Although, Omega’s contract is at a near finish, “The Cleaner” wanted to set record straight. Omega wanted to get it out to his fans, to clear their uncertainty of whether or not he was going to show up at the Rumble. (I guess Cornette hit home with some if his news…anyway.)

Omega added that he didn’t want to take any “shine” from the pay-per-view this Sunday and not lead anyone on. Omega also believes the timing to sign with WWE is premature, being that the current roster is stacked. Omega stated he’s heading out to Japan to hammer out the details. Deals fall apart all the time, in this chance, I think their small.

Omega wants to accomplish the goals he set out for NJPW, winning the NJPW Heavyweight Title is one of them. It’s likely we won’t see Omega on WWE programming for some time, well according to Omega a year or two.

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