Pre Fire Emblem Direct Thoughts and Hopes

The Fire Emblem Direct is almost upon us and will be a thirty-minute affair. This direct is already confirmed to have news about Fire Emblem Warriors and the upcoming mobile title.

But with a thirty-minute length surely they could fit something else in. The word is that Fire Emblem Fates may be coming to Switch, but for now, that isn’t proven.

Maybe they will announce another new game for the Switch?

All I know is I am excited for this direct and can’t wait to see who will be playable in Fire Emblem Warriors.

Based on the trailer it is confirmed that Chrome, Lucina, Marth, Ryoma, and Xander are already part of the game. So this means Fates and Awakening are already part of it. I’m sure we will have the Nohrian, and Hoshiden royal families will be part of the game.

We could have any of the other characters from Selkie to Saizo and even someone like Donnell or Kellam. The line-up will certainly be impressive, and I hope it is worth playing for all fans of the series.

But honestly, with so many amazing characters, anyone could show up. Plus DLC is certainly coming with so many characters and weapons to choose from. We could definitely have Ike and Roy as they are Amiibo and with the Corrin Amiibo coming soon he would also be playable. Plus they could make new Amiibo that could also lead to more characters.

Based on the greatness of Super Mario Run I am also excited for the mobile game. Even though we know nothing about it, it surely will be something great. Can’t go wrong with more Fire Emblem.

I am sure it will be a full Fire Emblem game but on the phone. Hopefully, with some awesome new characters, they can pull into Warriors.

I do sincerely hope that there is one more announcement at least. While it could be Fire Emblem Fates for Switch, it could honestly be something new. Even better would be Fates for Switch and a new game, even if the new game wouldn’t come out for a couple of years.

Whatever they will have to throw at us will be worth it I am sure. Having wanted a Fire Emblem Warriors game since I played Hyrule Warriors, this will be great.

Can’t wait for the direct and to learn more about the fantastic Fire Emblem games Nintendo is cooking up.

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