Possible Leaked First Look of Supermans Black Suit in the Justice League

I find these “leaks” to be fun, whether they are real or not, just the idea is what makes them exciting. We saw last year, on Henry Cavill’s Instagram where he teased an image of the possible next super suit, which had fans, like me, all sorts of excited and gossiping about the next movie. Below we have another possible image of the Man of Steel’s next outfit and, be it fake or not, still is pretty fun non-the-less. Though I don’t think its real honestly, and I say this because well, his hair is too short. But then who says he doesn’t cut it later in the movie right? But still, we also have Zach Snyder behind the movie, and with his love for the comics, it makes me feel that he may try to keep the long hair image of the resurrected Superman in the dark suit…. Then again…. Hmm…


Check out this image for yourself and let me know what you think. I honestly don’t know but it definitely makes me more excited for the Justice League movie. ^_^

If you want to follow Henry Cavill’s here is his Instagram page:


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