Pop Culture Pipe Bomb’s Fresh Music Friday Featured Artist This Week is The Hyde!!


Welcome to the first FMF for 2017, it only seemed fitting to kick off the first FMF for the year with the remarkably talented guys from The Hyde.

So who are The Hyde? Well, they are a four piece indie band from Yorkshire, and all members of the group are 17 years old. They formed in early 2016 and since then have been busy writing music and showcasing their remarkable talent in different venues such as Unity Works in Wakefield and the Santiago Bar in Leeds.

July this year the boys headlined their first gig at Henry Boons in Wakefield for a charity event and managed to raise a total of £200 for Cavendish Cancer Care, not only are the boys incredibly talented they also have big hearts. October last year The Hyde recorded their first single ‘Your Heart‘ at Czar Street studios in Leeds which was released in November with an official music video. If you are in the Wakefield and Leed area I highly recommend to check the boys out, you think they sound awesome in the recording studio, then just you wait to hear them live. They have an energetic, cheeky and punchy vibe at their gigs and are a must see. The Hyde are going places, and you need to jump aboard The Hyde train, they are going to take us on an incredible music journey as they make their mark on the indie music scene.

They boys answered the Official PCPB Fresh Music Friday Q & A check it out below

PCPB: Is there a story or inspiration behind the band’s name?

The Hyde: We spent months trying to think of a name for ourselves, but couldn’t think of anything that we were all happy with. Until one day when one of our college friends suggested “Hyde” as a name so we put “The” on the front of it and we all ended up really liking it.

PCPB: Who would you say are your major musical influences?

TH: We all had different musical influences before we joined the band but the more we practiced, the more we moulded each other’s influences. So we would say the musical influences for the band as a whole would be Foals, The Night Café, The Hunna, Viola Beach, The 1975, Catfish And The Bottlemen, Two Door Cinema Club, and much more. We are always suggesting and showing each other new artists who we as individuals like, which is constantly growing the band’s influences.

PCPB: What has been your most memorable musical moment so far?

TH: Our most memorable moment as a band has to be at our most recent gig, celebrating the release of our debut single, Your Heart, when we heard everyone singing Your Heart back to us. It was a such a good feeling hearing everyone singing something we’d been working on for months. It was incredible to hear that people knew the song word for word too!

PCPB: If you could only use three words to describe your sound, what three words would you use?

TH: We always struggle to describe our sound to people, but we always try to include some catchy and melodic riffs. We also try to be very dynamic in all of our songs because we feel it makes a huge difference when we play live and on recording.

PCPB: What was the favourite part of making the music video for Your Heart“?

TH: We just really enjoyed the whole atmosphere of recording the music video and seeing the end product come together was really amazing for us. The guys we recorded with were great and we just had a good laugh with them, which was mostly us just doing stupid stuff half of the time. We also got to drink lots of tea and eat biscuits which is always good.


PCPB: You released your new single Your Heart this year in November, and it’s brilliant song might I add! So what’s next for The Hyde? What can we expect in 2017?

TH: Thank you very much, we are grateful for all the positive response we get. In 2017 we’re looking to record some demos for our Soundcloud for people to listen to, release our next single complete with a music video and make our mark on the live music scene.

A huge shout out to the boys of The Hyde for answering our question and for generally being world class legends! People, The Hyde deserve a top spot on your playlist, so go buy they single “Your Heart” and support this awesome band. You will find the links to for The Hyde below.

Check out the Official music video forYour Heart


The Hyde Facebook Page

The Hyde Twitter Account

The Hyde Website

The Hyde Youtube

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