Pop Culture Pipe Bomb Presents Fresh Music Friday’s Featured Artists Keanen Stark & Olivia Keenan

This week’s Fresh Music Friday’s Featured Artists are the Folk Duo Keanen Stark and Olivia Keenan.

Music Submission Folk

Stark and Keenan make up this incredible Folk duo, based in the small town of Whitehall, NY, nestled in the Adirondack Mountains. The Duo have a modern but unique take on their sound while still maintaining the old-timey classic sound of the Folk we know and love

Music Submission Folk

Their minimalist and fresh take on traditional folk is something to be heard. It exposes the bare bones and allows you to appreciate every single aspect of their sound from banjos to the guitars and of course their vocals. Stark and Keenan, have five digital albums under their belts including Basement Tapes release in 2015 and released three albums in 2016 including Live From Little Theater on the Farm, 900 Miles and Hi, Folks.

Music Submission Album

In March the duo released their newest album Ramblings Recalled which is recorded on tape and released by Fair Shake records. Stark and Keenan are incredibly talented and have mastered the art of storytelling, and make it very easy to get lost in their sound for hours. Stark plays multiple instruments including the Guitar, Banjo, Harmonica and Mandolin as well and vocals, with Keenan playing guitar and vocals. Keenan’s vocals are beautifully raw and flawless with a uniqueness I have not heard before, their vocals compliment one and others beautifully.

Music Submission Album

I love their latest album Ramblings Recalled, and I think you will too. This duo, Keanen Stark and Olivia Keenan are worthy of a spot on your playlist! Head over to their Bandcamp page and support this incredibly talented Folk Duo from New York. You will find the Bandcamp link along with the links at the bottom of the page.

Music Submission Album

Check out the video of one of my favourite tracks from Ramblings Recalled – ‘Roving Gambler.’







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