Pop Culture Pipe Bomb Presents: Fresh Music Friday’s Featured Artist Tash Sultana

This week’s Fresh Music Friday’s featured artists is the mind-blowingly talented and fellow Aussie Tash Sultana!!

FMF Tash SultanaFMF Tash Sultana

Tash Sultana is a twenty-one-year-old, self-taught singer-songwriter who hails from Melbourne, Victoria. Sultana is creating a huge buzz in Austraila, after the video of herself busking on the streets of Melbourne went viral with millions of views online. She had an early start to music, being at the tender age of three when she got her hands on her first guitar. But Sultana has also been at a rock bottom, she developed a drug psychosis at seventeen years old, but against all the odds she was able to come out the other side of it with the help of music again. She is living proof that you can turn your life around, in an interview with Triple J, she said

“I played and played and played until I played the pain away.”


FMF Tash Sultana

Sultana being self-taught has quickly developed her own unique sound and style that has quickly gained her a large following and people lining up to see this remarkably talented Aussie live. The ways she works the guitar is nothing short of remarkable, she is a modern day one woman band, with her edgy multi-instrumental abilities that feature beatboxing, spectacular guitar work and amazing percussion styled finger tapping along with some brilliant looping. Her single ‘Jungle ‘ was recorded live from her bedroom and had 1.4 million views! She, in my opinion, is an instrumental genius and to see her live is just something else and is hypnotic to watch, but if that’s not enough, the girl can sing too, with vocals that are unique, striking and flawless.

FMF Tash Sultana

Sultana already has a massive 2017 with her entire world tour being sold out, and she has also been added to the line-up of some major festivals including Laneway 2017. Sultana has released two singles ‘Jungle‘, and ‘Notion‘ both have singles been on high rotation on Australia’s Triple j, with ‘Jungle‘  also being added as the hit of the week on Netherlands 3FM radio. Her new EP “Notion” has been released 100% independently on her label Lonely Lands Records, with hit No.11 on ARIA’s Album chart. Two of her tracks this year were voted into the Triple J Hottest 100, which is an annual countdown on played on Australia Day, ‘Jungle‘ come in at No.3 and ‘Notion‘ come in at No.32.

FMF Tash Sultana

Tash Sultana’s music and talent is phenomenal, the woman is amazing, and she is a must on for your playlist, She is definitely one to watch folks. Check the incredible Tash Sultana and remember her name, because you are going to hearing it a lot! We need to support these remarkably talented indie musicians and artists. They are our music future. Below you find the links to buy her EP “Notion“.

FMF Tash Sultana Notion EP

Check out Tash’s Video of ‘Jungle’ (live recording)



Notion EP – iTunes

Notion EP – Google Play

Tash Sultana Website




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